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On this page I have collated some information on literature about timpani. I would like to present some studies and etude collections I consider particularly valuable. I have also compiled some interesting and perhaps useful information I found on the Internet. I’m always grateful for more details, links, pictures, etc. You can send your mails  HERE .

timpani studies:

Arend Weitzel

Timpani studies: Arend Weitzel The studies and exercises by Arend Weitzel, 1st solo timpanist of the Bochumer Symphoniker, are excellent both for beginners, advanced students and „old hands”. The  works “Practice the timpani – systematic technique exercises for the timpani”, “Movement – Coordination – Rhythm – 161 exercises for timpani” and "the timpani roll" in particular are worthwhile for anybody wanting to improve their technique and the subtleties of the whole sequence of movements. I like to use these booklets when working with my students, as they guarantee rapid and very visible success. For more information visit the homepage of  Arend Weitzel

Nick Woud
Nick Woud is a solo timpanist at the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and teaches at the College of Music in Amsterdam. I am very fond of his studies “Symphonic Studies for Timpani”. All his etudes are very musical, every piece refers to a specific style or a specific composer, and Nick gives useful and interesting instructions for each etude. A „must“ for every timpanist!! I don’t know his latest work “The timpani challenge”, but I’m sure it will be worth a go. For more information see the homepage of Nick Woud

I personally like studies which are musical and which teach you techniques, not for the sake of mastering them, but to help you develop them along with musicality, as one does not make sense without the other. For this purpose I consider the studies of Richard Hochrainer, Heinrich Knauer and Eckehardt Keune invaluable. But I can also recommend some studies by Jacques Delecluse, especially 30 Etudes Vol. 3 pour timbales. You’ll find them at  Brandt percussion Versand

Information on the Internet on the topic of timpani The European Timpani

The European Timpani , a website by Scott Weatherson, who studied in Amsterdam and started to gather and compile information about European timpanists in 2002 – an interesting and very comprehensive presentation .
The European Timpani

"Die Wiener und die Französische Paukenschule im Vergleich" („ A comparison of Viennese and French Timpani Etudes“) is a very comprehensive Diploma thesis on instrumental and vocal education by Amelie Kruse-Regnard. The instruments and ways of playing for the different etudes are explained very thoroughly. The part about the Viennese etude in particular is very informative.
Zur Diplomarbeit (PDF)

"Von Kalbsfellen, Ziegefellen und anderen Zufällen"  is a short work by Dieter Dyk, the former solo timpanist of the Tonhalle Zürich Orchestra. Very informative and witty, sometimes perhaps a little one-sided, overemphasising the goat skin method
Von Kalbsfellen, Ziegenfellen und anderen Zufällen